Fucked up Not!

‘Oooh you are the guy people talk about!’ She said while nodding her head to symbolize what i don’t understand. ‘You Albany Right?’ before i answered her question she added, ‘Never mind,am abit high and so happy to be at this party!!’. Yes,She was asking me questions and never had i had a chance to answer or say anything for that matter. My head was boiling with confusion and the ‘want-to-know’ of how she knows me and the story that she would share.

Great,Was she fucked up? damn right she was but hey,Who am i to judge? Had a great time with friends and bunch of strangers that night and trust me was great,Wouldn’t say the best in my life but was great in such kinda way. We have a proper swahili word for this, ‘Kiliwaka’ . As time flew away and friends were tired and wanted to change locations,We found ourselves in one of the fancy local bars in Dar es salaam and guess who i bumped up with? ‘same girl’! How unlucky i was and here I was saying i had already forgoten about the shiet she said earlier.

‘Albany, come meet my friends’ She said with excitements!!’ Nice meeting you guys and its good being here with you all. Fuck ,I forgot that they were very young when i dropped my old sarcasm punch line, ‘Am too old for this shiet’ is what i said after they introduce me to their theme night. The theme night was, ‘Kama mbaya mbaya’ which they meant lets drink and do whatever and no regrets,Now wait! Why would i do such a thing? Am on my 30s with enough responsibilities that could be named ‘kama mbaya mbaya’ with all these on my shoulders,Why would i drink on such a fucked up theme.

No lie,She introduced me to alot of business icons in Tanzania,Alot of business tycoons and famous people, was a great night. ‘Albany,Do you know what Yolo stands for?’ She asked. I said anhaa,I know and She said, ‘Now we have a new one called YOYO’ mmh, Sounds nasty but please explain what does it stands for?, ‘Your on Your Own’ and she went away. With all these crazy young convo I had and enough drinks for the day,I decided to get going. On my way back home,great old songs were playing on the radio and that reminded me about my position and where i belong in the society currently.

For a second,I felt like a young soul and got carried away with them fucked up young convo. I had my time and paid my dues and its bout time i let bygones be bygone,I was convincing me that time and it felt good!. Once thing stuck in my mind apart from Yoyo,was the fact that these young folks had nothing to loose,free spirit and wasn’t scared of anything. May be was alcohol or may be was just fucked up and Thus the article Fucked up Not.

Live life according to you,Don’t let people define your life using their own definitions,Everyone is somehow fucked up defined from other people perspective and the question is do they matter? If not whatever they say matters less and shouldnt stop you being whatever you wanna be! have fun being you and make peace with yourself and trust me whatever people say about you,I bet they have every right to say it and who are you to stop them!!

Albany James –Partner and Digital Strategist

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