Whether you are an international company expanding in Tanzania or a Tanzanian company expanding in another region in Tanzania, We are here for you!

Anzisha provides a human-centric approach to address problems worth solving. We apply the principles selectively as you expand based on the progress of your business and the most sensitive elements to test. Customers, not markets, buy products, so it’s critical that you provide the right offers at the right price and time through the most effective channels.
We help you develop an effective and pragmatic go-to-market strategy that is rooted in a deep understanding of your customers. We combine deep functional expertise in sales, marketing, pricing and product management with a rich collection of tools and benchmarks, and we address the key organizational issues (including salesforce mobilization and change management) essential to making sure you achieve and sustain great results.

How we help
Go-to-Market and Commercial Organization is the second component of our company, specifically focused on defining the optimal route-to-market strategy to its market context and strategic objectives, and aligning a business’s commercial organization and resource deployment accordingly.
Services We offer

Create your go-to-market plan

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​​Know when to build a go-to-market plan

Let us help you know when to build a GTM plan, A roadmap outlining your company’s marketing initiatives for the coming year. It’s aligned to your organization’s higher-level goals and objectives, and it drives your business. A go-to-market plan or GTM is a marketing plan specifically for launching a new product, service, or brand in an existing market, an existing product into a new market, or a new product into a completely new market.

Understand the market landscape

Whether you are a well-known industry leader or you are working to grow your brand in a new market, it’s your insights into what affects consumer purchasing habits then makes the difference. When you begin studying the marketplace, there are key questions you and your team should ask yourselves to guide your research as you gear up for launch.

Define the problem and validate the product

A critical piece of your go-to-market plan is identifying customer problems to validate your product will solve those problems. Listening to the people who comprise your market becomes extremely important. We will run a series of user interviews to get the actual customer feedback to improve and launch your product to a new market.

Develop strategic objectives

After gathering market intelligence, it’s time to set strategic objectives. Doing this will help you hone your product launch intentions. For your GTM plan, focus on your company’s higher-level goals, and then select the strategic objectives that are in alignment with your new product launch.

Enter markets with a competitive advantage

Once you’ve determined product validation and segmented target customers, you can consider new markets and your competition. Every company wants to enter the market with a competitive advantage.

Set key performance indicators (KPIs)

For a new product launch, you will need a compass to show you where you’re going and how to keep you going in the right direction in your market. In marketing, we call these key performance indicators or KPIs. We will propose a set of KPIs for the team as we launch.