Rock Bottom! (Entrepreneur’s Hustle)

Sometimes you wake up in the morning with ‘How do I get to work this morning?’ Yes, That is more like it and congratulations cause you are on the right track. Sometimes you are so close to achieving some of your set goals and boom bills caught up with you. Sometimes you fall sick with no health insurance and we both know treatment can be expensive.

Sometimes you are more of a Founder and not a dad/mom, sometimes you ‘convince’ yourself that you are doing it for them. Sometimes you hate them for what you feel and wonder why can’t they get it? Why cant they get it that you are doing all these for them?

Time, energy, and Money- I hate the balance of these three factors, I hate it because it rolls well with the essence time and age. sometimes you have all the energy and Time but you got no money at all. Your friends start calling you names like ‘Idea tank’, every time they meet you they hear some of your new ‘innovative’ ideas.

The main and the most important investment in any startup is Time also happens to be my favourite metric. One can be in more than 10 regions but not at the same time. This shows how important time is, but it’s also important to spend time with your loved ones because through spending time with them that’s when families bond, Miss each other and share the love.

So what is it gonna be, your company needs your time and your family needs your time, I read a lot of books about work-life balance and I still feel like they were writing for them. I feel like they are not tailored for my hustle and I can see the gap but my head is too heavy to even think about it.

I have had a big fight in my life and work on how to balance these two, As a Christian man, I have prayed a million times on these two to balance with no solution. at this point as a man, I let nature handle things on my behalf. I thought I share what I feel and go through sometimes hoping somebody else out there will read and advise me on how to move away from this… Let me know what you think!

Albany James –Partner and Digital Strategist

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