"We act as both a builder and a co-founder"

We are Venture builders dedicated to systematically producing new companies, which we help grow and succeed. There are five core activities in which we engage: identifying business ideas, building teams, finding capital, helping govern or manage the ventures and providing shared services.

Unlike startup accelerators and incubators, who mainly provide funding and mentorship, We act as both a builder and a co-founder. We are renowned for having a wealth of human capital, consisting of venture developers, in-residence entrepreneurs, C-level personnel, and in-house support staff

How do we make money?

Unlike the global consultancy giants which work on business advisory projects for a fee, Anzisha Ventures put in our own money to partly fund to map, ideate and scale up the new start-ups, which will be later sold to the partner company at a pre-agreed price.

This is the onboarding process.

Identifying business ideas

  • Online application
  • Word of mouth
  • Networking events
  • Co-working space

In all cases, the aspiring founder must complete the online application

Filter Ideas

The following parameters will be taken into account

  • Does it solve a problem people are searching for (characteristics of a good problem)
  • What are the marketing channels to reach the customer?
  • Does it have recurring revenue?
  • Does it have a high pricing potential?
  • Does it have a low cost of acquisition? 

(Low onboarding, low cost of support by phone/email, low cost of stuff [DBH or IT structure], low cost for VB)

  • Is it unique? Simple value proposition ( Old to new or new)
  • Is it cost-effective in terms of GTM and not time-intensive?
  • Is it depending on other companies’ API/platform?
  • Is it addressing the core problem before branching ( google search before Gmail)
  • Market size

Team creation

The idea Anzisha team for portfolios will have three founders who are:

  1. The visionary

-Must possess strong leadership skills

  1. The hacker

-Tech person

  1. The hustler

-Strong sales and marketing skills, business development and product development


How much will it cost Anzisha in terms of resources, manpower, time


Anzisha Boot Camp Timeline

Time (week)





Program announcement

Project Manager

-Receiving online applications

-Sending notifications


Start-up interview

Anzisha team 

External panellists

-Assessment of applications

-Selecting the top 20

-Sending email notifications to the top 20 with the pitch deck format

-Online pitch deck meetings

-Select top 10 to join the Bootcamp


Cohort Announcement


12- 14



Graduation day

Demo day


-3 Winners will receive the Anzisha Start-up package

Program will take a period of three months. The portfolios will receive the following support;

  • One to one mentorship
  • Weekly CT calls
  • Go online
  • Monthly training
  • Peer-Peer engagement

Investment readiness program will take a period of three months.