‘‘Why sharing is the future of business?’’ Really can it be possible….

‘‘How can businesses or even worse competitors share anything, how will they benefit from sharing? Every business wants to outshine its competition and makes a lot of profit from the product that they are providing to the public.’’
My dad told me ideas are great but nothing really, but sharing of ideas will not only invite vast opinions to it but also will assist in expanding to better adaptations.

This is what immediately came into my mind when I came across the topic.

First it sounded like a crazy joke but then again after giving some thought to it, the topic started to sound like a piece of complex business vodoo.During my research I realized that big companies around the world which have adapted to this new model are making a big impact on the community, planet and are making a lot of profit from a simple business transaction process by offering a greater feeling of connection and community.

Though most companies around the world are still stuck to the buyer/seller/own-it world, there are a handful of companies that have started using the newly emerged sharing model. These sharing-based companies clearly understand and carefully exploit the social network and web growth, mobile upgrades, frequent change in consumer attitudes and the market benefits from sharing. And according to Lisa Gansky, the author of THE MESH: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing illustrates and tries to explain how companies embracing the new sharing model not only obtain a lot of profit but there is a number of benefits attached to this new business transaction process.

Firstly, sharing-based companies and communities are built on turning harmful waste into valuable products. For instance; a combination of car sharing, the power of coordination among bike sharing services and public transport; then adding better designed, more efficient vehicles with interchangeable and recyclable parts.
The captured waste adds up to large amount of savings for the individual, community and the planet. With the increased demand and regulations drive up costs of sourcing new materials, the benefit of sharing-based models will only grow, placing them in ahead of their rivals.

The new improved IT revolution has enabled and it still is enabling consumers to make better informed choices of goods and services and can get more of what they want exactly when they want them. Therefore, there is convenient access to fresh goods and services meaning that consumers do not have to own something, they can use it-share it and in the process saving money and avoiding hustles.

A typical example of a company that has already adapted the new business process and using it to its advantage is the Zipcar Company. Zipcar rents out cars to customers for a certain periods of time depending on how long the customer wants the car for. Customers just need to go online and make booking which is very convenient for them because they know when and how long they will need the vehicle. This attracts more customers as they will know which website to go on and they save expenses (transport fare) by not going down to the offices to rent out a vehicle and the more the customers, the more the profit.

Shared-based companies communicate with customers every time a product or service is rented, leased or borrowed. Each point contact is made, a better opportunity to get to know the customer (their preferences and what they want or expect), to cultivate the trust between the customers and the company and the opportunity to define the core offering and make new personalized offers.

Using the game theory, it shows that sometimes group profit is higher than and individual profit if two companies decide to make decision simultaneously without affecting one another. We youth of today, sharing business can be a best way to reach our goals and get rich. My dad told me his success formula, he said, ‘son, in business you have to look for a person who can do what you can’t, to avoid internal conflicts and again maximize your capacity in your business’,His theory has done massive changes in my life. I came to realize that this same simple formula can be used in musical bands, marriage and other aspects of life.

People used to have the mentality that everyone is entitled to acquire happiness through owning almost everything, from big houses to the latest cars but after experiencing the hit from the last recession, people have drifted away from owning stacks of goods to sharing them and using them only when needed. This change of mindset is all because a lot of people lost their jobs, homes and their savings and had to think that there is more to life than having more stuff and more debt. This, as Nick Stace would say, is because the lost art of sharing is having something of a renaissance and with it, creating new ways of consuming and doing business.

Ideas move mountains so do bulldozers, Sitting on your own ideas as start ups or mid-sized companies wouldn’t help anything but keeps you away from all opportunities that comes with collaborations. Am a big fan of business sharing and I think its the best way to do business! We should have a platform where young people can share their business ideas and get all the required assistances to move forward. I believe business pass through different phases to maturity or break even,With business sharing and collaborations start up A can learn from start up B,on how to come out of what they facing at that particular moment. Now this is growth for me!!

Dont sit on your ideas,share and share again!! Tell everyone you know what you do,Dont worry about them stealing your idea. They might but they cant do exactly HOW you do it-I think am talking about your value proposition,May be not!

Albany James – Partner and Digital Strategist

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